Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My Italy trip (non crafty)

Hi everyone! 
This April I travelled to Rome, Italy on a school trip! I had an amazing time between the tours sight seeing and activities we did. I took so many photos during the trip and wanted to share some of them with you now looking back on some of them i can see glares from the sun and fingers in the way so please dont mind them :) 

During the trip we got to visit st. Peters Basilica and got the chance to climb to the very top. My legs felt like they were gonna fall off after climbing up the 871 steps! But the view from the Dome was amazing.

We also had a chance to go up to Naples and visit Pompeii and Mount  Vesuvius. Personally one my favourite parts of the trip!

Towards the end of the trip we visited places in the city of Rome such and the Trevi fountain and The Colosseum in which I also very enjoyed

Although I enjoyed everyday of this trip it was a very packed schedule and I arrived home Wrecked and went straight to bed 
Thanks for stopping by I will be back soon hopefully with some craft projects to share:) 

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