Saturday, 23 February 2013

Altered spoon inspired by Karen ( JBLdyScrapper48 )

Hi everyone today i want to share a spoon i altered. This was inspired by Karen who is JBLdyScrapper48 on youtube. Karen is having a giveaway challenge to alter eather a spoon or a fork so go a head and check her challenge out. I altered my spoon for the fun of it so here we go.

Ok i decided to do it in a vintage style. First i painted it with acylic paint and seeled it then i added multiple tim holtz inks. After that i cut a piece of canvas material and added that to the spoon.i gathered a few embelishments i had in my stash and adhered them down. I used a hand made flower that i created and i have a video tutorial on my youtube channel wich is Thedanolando if you want to see how i made that.

I added lace to emm... How would you say it the spine? Of the spoon and also a tim holtz paper clip with a heart charm to go with my handmade wire embelishment that reads LOVE. And thats all there is to it i hope you enjoy and if you alter a spoon id love to c it dont forget to comment and follow my blog thanks


  1. Very shabby chic! Look awesome.
    Hugz, Z

  2. Hi Daniel, long time no hear. Just love what you've been doing here. I've passed on a Leibster Award for blogs that need some crafty TLC. Pop ove to my spot to claim.


  3. This is fantastic, you are very creative, I love it. Keep it up, you never know, you could be the next Tim Holtz :)

    Moira xxx

  4. I love this spoon! Very creative! I'm so excited to find your blog!! :D

    ~Vanessa Wachlin!


thanks for stopping by and commenting i really appreciate it hugs Daniel